Michael Dean


I’m an architect turned writer, focused on structure, voice, and identity.

  • Director of Content at Write of Passage
  • Creator of the The Writing Studio
  • Edited over 500 essays last year

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A series where I deconstruct and do impressions of classic writers, like Hunter S. Thompson and David Whyte.

I was commissioned by Tiago Forte to map the entire Building a Second Brain curriculum in Miro and create a 15m video.

What can Fernando Pessoa, the man with 73 pseudonyms, teach us about social media?

A tale about snooping on a neighbor. Half-auto-biographical, half-bizarre fiction. You could call this my Kurt Vonnegut impression.

I keep a public, real-time log of my thoughts. It’s been over 50 days. Here’s why I do it.

What can online courses learn from architecture school?

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