Any writing that I publish can have multiple tags on it. Each tag is nested within one "tag group." These groups represent the range of things I write about. They're sorted so that the most populated groups are on the top left. You can click into any group and find all the tags and writings linked to it (some will be better than others). The beauty of Notion is that whole layout within each Tag Group is auto-generated through a template.

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Tag Glossary

This idea is inspired by Gus Mueller, a self-described "dumpster-diving punk turned web developer."

He's kept a detailed journal of his life, day by day, since 1996.

Instead of navigating his life chronologically, you can use his glossary to dive in to whatever topic you want.

These tag-groups cover the range of ideas I think about.

They are portals that will drop you off into random parts of town.

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