VR Games

Things to do if you own a VR headset

  • Eleven Table Tennis Ping pong, realistic physics, keeps score, no ball chasing, cat avatars
  • Altspace Meetup in VR, Esalen-vibe at times, occasional drunks, hosts Burning Man
  • Beat Saber Rhythm game, expert mode will kill your shoulders
  • The Wild Multi-user design reviews for architectures and design
  • Population One Fortnite but native for VR, fun mechanics with squirrel suits, kind of hard
  • Top Shot by ProGolf Mini-golf and driving ranges with YouTube playlists
  • Gravity Sketch 3D modeling using your hands, multi-hour learning curve
  • Echo Arena Zero gravity ultimate frisbee
  • Poker Stars VR The UI is hell, but you can play gamble fake money and smoke e-cigs
  • VR Chat A surreal LARP dream, bizarre avatars (ie: a Tennessee divorce contract)
  • Wander Google street view in VR, includes time travel, and a "drop me anywhere" feature
  • Onward Basically counter-strike in virtual reality
  • Virtual Virtual Reality 3 hour adventure game, nice art style, absurd premise
  • Robo Recall Arcade-style shooter made by Epic Games, 6-8 hours to complete
  • Immersed Project your desktop monitors into VR