Interpreting Taco Bell

Forgetting to eat as a signal for flow
Aug 18, 2021

Liz went out to dinner with a college friend last night. I had to hunt down food for myself. By the time I checked the clock, it was 10pm. I got caught in this vortex between writing lyrics for "Revolution Book Store," made a few pieces of AI art, and did some writing. I'm glad that I escaped "calendar time," but I had nothing in the fridge. I did what anyone does in desperation: order Taco Bell. This is a sign of one of four things:

  • Systems collapse (didn't do meal prep over the weekend)
  • A much needed-flow (at the expense of human body collapse)
  • I have low standards for food (Liz knows not to trust my opinion, but I argue it's on the upper end of the fast food chain)
  • Nostalgia (early childhood crunchy tacos + late nights with goons as a teen)

Crunchwrap Supreme (chicken, no cheese sauce, added guac & jalapenos)

Doritos Locos Taco

Cheesy Potato Taco

I just learned that Taco Bell recreated a restaurant based on this scene in Demolition Man.


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