September Day

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morning pages with Liz, walk Bode, meditate

20 minutes, writing out long-form, but then even after that, for an hour or so, jut down a short phrase to capture a though or conversation

makes me realize that any given day is a log of 10,000 thoughts - we're ultimately unaware of them, they pass be, as we're doing things, we can;t constantly be meta-reflective

but your subconscious affects the feeling of your day, and an intentional morning can steer that

one of the few routines that's easy to keep, and clearly worth it

instead of waking up and rushing to dishes, email, worry, job - you carve out a spaec where you have no responsibility

up in our artists studio, 200 brushes, different sizes, shapes, colors - one of our duplicate sets of everything

looked forward at Danielle's painting (man with shovel), incredible that it's her first painting - such talent if she nourished it, but almost doens't see the point

apartment is a mess, Jorden Peterson, sign of disfunction

dog walk, sometimes the only time of day that I go outside

walked down stairs, the dog freaked out as usual

Merle on the phone with Brenda - saw us "'ll call you back"

Started looping on Hurrican Ida - window replacement on the same day

"Don't worry about it we got it"

weird fungi - grey day

4 other dog walkers - all of them barked at our 6 foot doberman

sound of morning crickers, smell of dew, looped around the watch facctory

factory had a sign - $450, no dog shit

nearby tire on asphalt pulling in for a morning job, hum of highway in background

Italian villa house, red tiles, satelittes on the front, out of place

60' tall frees as we approached

questioning the house - Zillow, listing in the mountains - insane - 1.5 horus away,

living with mother in law - she wants a condo

grandfather's house, sentimental

put your book away! just relax

she was right - focus on my surroundings

looked at some parked cars, really looked at them

alien in the way light was reflecting off them

neither natural nor man made

up at the power grid - the architectutre - wonder of electricity

flemish brick bonds

bird cawing, binary language, dinosaur evolution (up in VT)

piston, little flower dick, middle school lost knowledge

daily poop spot right along the parkway

no it's close enough whre you can hear all the cars (from a distance, a river)

came back and saw sunflowers, almost all blooming

only one died from Hurrican Henri - big head, rotated, facing down towards the ground

watching them watering the mfor a few weeks - gifr from my brother

also had. fig tree and a rosemary bush from the farm in the back

smuggled in from greece - benefits of having a yard, even if small

Danielle in, hugged Pearl - not worth being mad over petty things

Bode found it strange and started barking

Assured that we'd call at lunch to reschedule the windows

meditation, course, price of coach, get into habits, "crystal heads" from Shasta, program myself, whenever I touch one, "chills," feeling i only often get when listening to music

visualized vertical consciousnss (almost liek a tree) - visualizes sun, earth revolving around earth, while simulatoneously perspective of Earth - memory back, 5 years old, grandfather would pay me $5 to kick a ball over a fence - eventually green ripples in an all black field

luke, yoda, jack kerouac, and archbishop demetrios

9am hit - wife had a meeting schedule - "who is so numb to relaity to schedule a 9am meeting?"

description of things on desk - idea of a picturte


Tiago Memex

Twitter Spaces - clubhouse

New Notion system - elegant design - "primitives and sets"

"writing > types"

"tag > tag groups"

"library > sets"

website text - all-in

audience buildings - WOP always an oportunity to meet people, Craig Burgess, Maker's Mark

watched some old movies, American Beauty, and then Fight Club

fear and feeling that relationships are eroding

out of touch with friends & family

moving to different parts of the country

local or house up in the woods?

inner circle

modernim, this decay of the nuclear family, of community

pandemic & internet - wonder what this looks like in 2040

pandemic - isolation, not really talked about

gatsby-esque return? or strange new world?

Dimitri;s wedding a shock on Saturday - big fat greek wedding

college re-union

"lonliness epidemic" - Vivian essay

thank god I have Danielle

all day at a computer - kind of insane

7 instances of seeing people thi syear - andrew, stephen, andy, SF, Dan Eliza, VT, Cavid, Ross bday

BRCvr - juliette messaged - tried it

off time (3pm ET) everybody seemed lost - 7 people total

haven't made time for it

weed last night, first night in a while - physically uncomfortable

titghtness in chest, arms, aches

not soaicliasing

1_ just drug symptoms

2) symboms with long term effects

3) a product of how your body feels at this moment (it is 10pm)

4) a product of yoru aging body

5) MJ is pointing to an existing problem

guitar riffing & listening to loud music helpful

put on Stephen Malkmus 2021 album, unbelievable

Joel & Otis bortuga sketch, amazing

linked into "Bastards of Martin" crew

trumpet- Sam

asking to make music like that - should jump on it - not sure if i could commit

1 hour long call with Elliot

hurricane - left all windows open

next morning, sunflowers ravaged

long email to will and david

kevin picked

talk on distant family

talk on songwriting and time of life

jam - looping simple parts

andy writing studio

songwriting & ableton

need to practice layering

acoustic guitar is just your invisible scaffolding

but could take on so many forms from there

need to text Adam for Singles

K-Sloan. some new demos, amazing BBC string sections

haircut - wedding

window payment

woke up with back problems, 105 unused LA Fitness training sessions, completely neglected - maybe I could try daily

suit shopping


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