The Onion House


Wario's sister, mother-in-law, and twins acquired a plot of land. They hired Brooklyn architect Yan Gwei to build an Onion House. Their vegetable mansion was only an 8 hour drive from the China skyscrapers you could see from the patio.

The house won many awards for it's iconic roof, 29 layers of solar-enabled onion skin (picked fresh from the property), stretched over curved steel beams. An unrealistic pane of 30' north-facing glass gives the family sweeping views of the plastic onion bushes that melt into the horizon.

The stationary shark moon sparkles like those Swedish festivals of light. The sun never rises.

Yan Gwei had a crush on Wario's sister, Li Shao. After a bitter altercation with Wario, the protector of 15 cartoon siblings, Yan decided to sabotage the project. He removed the stairs from the construction documents and stamped them with beet juice.

There's currently no way to enter the ranch. Self-catapulting has led to many hairline fractures, and the structure has been abandoned. Canoes are nearby and ready for the next flood.

AI Pass 1
onion house
where she is able to get out of her house to stay close to her sister. She's not even in the mansion, as its only part is the roof which she looks above that shows a large window. She's pretty strong Wario's sister is actually stronger than Wario, that one guy, and it was just something I never thought of as being something I would really consider doing. She's always been pretty strong, but her sister's strength wasn't really there for her. If someone like that happens to be even remotely friendly, which is extremely rare as far as how she got to this point and it's her mother that decides it. And she still hasn't gotten to the age where she gets to go as her sister. The scene where she goes to visit her brother is about 8 minutes. She's really close with him when they get home. So why does she need that time to reach her brother when the scene with Mom, where she's a little bit closer to him in the beginning, only gets a little longer? Because just as a matter of fact, his mom is the best mom in the world and Mom is a good mom. In other words, if she got a little closer to her brother, Mom and Wario wouldn't really know. The scene has been mentioned many times before but they're not really able to explain it until just the 4 minutes before Mom and Wario are really close
AI Pass 2
A new mansion called the Onion House, 8 minutes from 

Wario's sister and mother

Roof, curved steel beams, 29 layers of onion skins, picked fresh from the farm

Large window facing north for natural light

Onion bushes in the fields

A patio to overlook and meditate

Few skyscrapers in the distance

Shark moon
sparkling like a star (a new sun and a sun that never sets) A few streets on the outskirts of the city Onion gardens A fountain for the sun and stars Onion trees A forest for the stars Onion trees planted on large plot of land for years in the back yard Onion vines hanging in the air from oak leaves (an ornamental branch of oak.) A balcony of a building (the original building.) Small-scale solar-powered plants (like a giant grape plant, maybe?) in the garden A garden on the hill from an apartment block in Brooklyn with huge sunlights and stars (a "big house" too!). Hundred-foot tall walls of grass and dirt A small pool and garden on a street that was built on a hill Onion ponds Onion rivulets Onion vines (and some smaller trees!) Onion plants (some smaller trees?) Onion potted plants (
AI Pass 3
Wario's sister and mother acquired a plat of land,
Wario's sister and mother acquired a plat of land, Â which they were building. While working on the land, the twins traveled to China at a time when many of their neighbors could not, and they had to return to their home country. This became a struggle for the brothers, even though they did have enough power to protect their land and have an active, happy family. They had built a ranch in the middle of a mountain, and while on the first day, they got their first glimpse of the village and the valley below it. The sisters knew these things when they heard the news; they could see where the forest was or where the forest was, but also how strong the trees were, and their intuition gave clues, and they were able to determine where and how the trees were. They were able to go back to the land, which they had purchased once they came back. This experience was more about what you would have lost if someone had told you to live in that remote land. The brothers became interested in the country, and as they got more close, their own sense of wonder increased, and as the brothers took in more and more opportunities in China, their interest increased. They could now feel what all of this was all about and would finally feel like home. Their journey would take them to the mountains, where they would be able to see them every day as they passed, and as they reached the valley below where they lost their
AI Pass 4
Their vegetable mansion was only 
an 8 hour drive from the China skyscrapers 
you could see from the patio.
Tucked in, you would get to know the man, the place's owner, and her friend. His name was Yan Gwei, and he spent most of his life at one of the world's elite public universities, the Guangdong University. Yan had a huge crush on his sister Li Shao, a member of the family with an uncanny knowledge of the law and the lawlessness of Shanghai. He was also the reason he worked so diligently before leaving for China. This was his first ever job outside of Shanghai when he made the move. A couple of years earlier, he had hired a young local to run a Chinese restaurant called Kui Cuoxi, where he worked diligently. Since then, Yan had worked hard in Guangdong for almost five years. The restaurant had a few small stalls where he would spend his morning sitting and chatting with his business colleagues. By his side was his wife Xu Xigiang, who managed the restaurant in the dining and hospitality group, and his sister Li Yunghui, who could do any other job that required them for a period of time. For now, they were simply working on creating restaurant work. This time, there weren't any major openings available for his new venture, so Yan decided to take the advice of their two little girls from his


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