The Shapers vs. The Mechanist

Will the human anatomy be shed like a caterpillar's shell?
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We're living out the fantasies of people generation ago (typhoid, poverty, restless proletariat masses) - "wouldn't it be great if we could all live like kings and drink french wine, and fill our lives with art, music, and chocolate. Living out the life of the 19th century bourgeaouse.


Current woah's, through technology will be achievable next century - so what is the vision?

The best ideas will win. Not about funding, press confrerences - Just articulate, in a market of memes, the best ideas will win. Creator a better fantasy, an idea, a meme - world will flow towards it

Two competing visions - will one dominate the other? Co-existence? Conflict?


Shift to renewable energy, and not destroy the planet

Climate change

Equality, politics, sound money systems. information

Stay in the body - fix problems in 3D

we are creatures, custodians of the Earth, DAOist relationship, caring and support to nature

real sustenance. ,caring relationship to the Earth, bones of our ancestors


But a different range of desires, filled by technology, that don't necessarily care about the body

Immortality, Necessity for deep space exploration, Eliminate distance barriers

Communication network that enables digital teleportation

Immortality through uploading your consciousness

Deep space exploration


Prevent the body from decaying

Ability to systematically access "hyperspatial dimensions"


The body perfected or the body thrown away

two strains of thoughts, don't think you can have it both ways

Bruce STerling - series of short-stories > 1982-85 - Schismatrix - civil war (2200, 2550)

Humans spread across the solar system - Earth is abandoned and uninhabitable, space colonies

Shapers - purists of the human body - gene modifiction, breding -


Mechanists - cybernetic augmentation, advanced computer software, tech experist, dugs

Lobsters - bodies in a vat - and WIreheads - uplaod to a computer simulation, discard the body

Is it monstrous or ego-maniac?

to wish to transcend the body? drift off into a philosopher's stone secret vehicel to our secret destiny

Or is it for us to pass on into space colonies, bowels of the crystal structure of the Earth, nearby hyperspatial fairy land

manage this thing without making a pact with the male ego, with the engineering mnetality, with the Fuastian demon that promises us start flight, and all the rest of it

1) we are strangers here - we come from a higher and nobler place - James Joyce - Finnegain Wake (here in Muy Cain, our Earth, we flop on the seemy side, but im in the yent , whoop your wings) - we be'smerched angels - more at home far away

Faustian - machines the size of Manhattan - among the stars