Invisible Momentum

The mystery behind rapid creation
March 7, 2021

"On the Road," the Bible of the Beat Generation, was written by Jack Kerouac in 3 weeks.

God created the Earth in 7 days.

Dylan crafted folk masterpieces in 15 minutes.

Picasso scribbled historical artifacts in 15 seconds.

What is behind this gang of cheaters? Did they buy an ounce from Hermes, the God of speed, to ink 100 times faster than the average human hand? What the onlookers don't see is the invisible momentum that good artists brings to the table of creation.

Keruoac hitch-hiked and journaled for 7 years, producing dozens of rejected drafts, before he inked his name into American literature. Bob Dylan carefully deconstructed hundreds of early 20th century folk songs to internalize their cadences. Picasso blurted out dozens of lo-fi chicken scratch before crafting the sketch that everyone remembers.