Spaced repetition in Notion

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idea that you want frequent exposure to certain data types


  • architecture of objects
  • object is a database
  • each object - internal parameters, external parameters (relations, rollups)
  • common to create views within a space, but don't do this, value to external views
  • database minimalism, condense, as little as possible
  • 3 types of a back-end dB - inputs, outputs, clusters
  • inputs, rapid entry - quick-add - tagged with ONE piece of metadata
  • output, deliverable, context
  • clusters - collection of inputs, also a collection of outputs
  • how to deal with clusters (person, event, tag - all in one cluster dB?, or separate?)
  • templates
  • quick-add


  • Views - use linked database, ability to assign meta-data to your views, a database itself
    • Multi-database - 2 views side by side + a filterable dB of all views
    • Can add parameters (status, notes)
    • Can link to other databases (a stack, or counting)
  • view types ( 1, action (a process), 2, reference, 3, analog)
  • views are linked into Flows - flows are a group of views, done at an interval, spaced repetition
  • flows - tracked, but useful to track it as X/in last 30 days
  • flows - by Cadence (d,w,m,q) - by Dash (by goal)
  • dashboards, contain relevant views and flows - also links to back-end
  • 2 types of dashboards, time-based (D W M) (all goals), function-based (goal, writing, maint)