The Writing Studio

The Writing Studio is a four-week program that fuses the community of a course with the impact of a writing coach. It’s focused on structuring ideas, the craft of writing, and the discovery of voice. With a group of 15 Write of Passage alumni, you’ll produce three essays, receiving consistent 1:1 feedback from Studio leader and WoP Mentor Michael Dean.

  • You’ll receive detailed layers of feedback on each essay you submit

  • Much of your feedback will be visual: drawings, diagrams, and videos will help you see patterns and structures that are hard to identify through text

  • Each essay will receive multiple rounds of feedback, on both divergent drafts (for restructuring) and convergent drafts (for polishing)

  • You’ll work with Michael on overcoming your specific writing roadblocks through 1:1 office hours

  • The essays you submit will be included in weekly workshops consisting of breakout rooms, student presentations, writing exercises, and lessons on the theory of composition

  • All essays will live in a collective mind-map of feedback patterns, an expanding virtual workspace that allows you to learn from fellow students

This course builds upon your Write of Passage foundation, and uses consistent, in-depth, and personalized feedback to help you evolve as a writer. Analyzing the creative process with a group and a coach can lead to a phase change in your craft. The goal of this studio is for you to leave with three of the best essays you’ve ever written, as well as a new lens that shapes how you approach your future ideas.