I use visual diagrams to map the shape of ideas. From editing over 500 essays in 2021, I’ve developed a series of concepts to help deconstruct the creative process. I make structure simple, editing fun & encourage creative experimentation in all forms.


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I’m a niche-resistor, and create my best work when I follow my curiosity. My approach has been: create a delirious range of dots, and then connect them after the fact. Here’s an attempt to curate my body of work so you can dive in where you’re interested:


Write your best essays
For Writers
13 posts
Notion OS
On building digital systems
For Writers
15 posts
Why write online?
For Writers
21 posts
Voice Imitations
Impressions of classic authors
For Writers
2 posts
Glimpse the future of VR
14 posts
Thoughts on crypto madness
10 posts
The history of self-publishing
9 posts
Weird takes on society
18 posts
Simulation Fiction
Stories from real VR events
Short Stories
7 posts
Delirious Dean
Half-true autobiography
Short Stories
1 post
Life Capture
A day in the life
Short Stories
7 posts

You can also drop in to my featured essays, an index, or the the full collection.

Writing principles from 2021 (will update these every year)

  • Who | Drop your preconceived sense of identity and let different voices emerge
  • What | Avoid niching-down. Publish furiously, be authentic, be known for many things
  • Where | Keep all your information in one home (Notion), instead of 27 specialized apps
  • When | Publishing cadences are helpful, but don’t forget to change them frequently
  • Why | More important than audience building is freezing your consciousness into the future
  • How | Publish furiously in single-sessions sprints, but be a perfectionist on the ones that count

The last 10 years

  • 2012 | Designed and built a recycling center in Costa Rica
  • 2013 | Focused my architectural thesis on facilities for psychedelic-assisted therapy
  • 2014 | Created a form of visual notation to deconstruct songwriting
  • 2015 | Learned Unreal Engine on YouTube and founded a VR consulting company
  • 2016 | Introduced over 2,000 people to their first 6 DOF VR experience
  • 2017 | Rooted in Astoria; my apartment, office, & recording studio are within a 10-minute walk
  • 2018 | Started working at an international architecture firm as a VR specialist
  • 2019 | Wrote original songs and performed with a band in NYC
  • 2020 | Helped 60 architects host VR-based design reviews during the pandemic
  • 2021 | Focused on online writing and launched The Writing Studio


Don’t hesitate to reach out to me about anything: writing, Notion, ideas, projects.